Alejandro Matamala, Runway: Unlocking AI potential to streamline multimedia content creation, Ep. 199

Alejandro Matamala Crossing Borders

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Outline of this episode:

  • [01:44] – About Runway
  • [03:57] – Runway’s tools
  • [05:49] – From founding a design studio to creating AI-Powered tools
  • [07:31] – Having a business while studying at college
  • [09:14] – About Deenty
  • [12:30] – Lessons learned from building three different companies
  • [13:54] – Jumping to the US
  • [18:07] – The breakthrough of generative AI 
  • [20:30] – The fundraising process through the years
  • [22:50] – The future of generative AI tools
  • [26:28] – Alejandro’s documentary recommendation
  • [27:24] – Advice to Alejandro’s younger self
  • [35:23] – What’s next for Runway?

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