• Reuters UK

    SANTIAGO (Reuters) - The Uber driver pulled up to the international airport outside Chile’s capital. As his passenger jumped into his gleaming Suzuki, he glanced around furtively for signs of trouble.

  • LAVCA | Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

    (LatAm List) The Chilean Fintech company CryptoMarket announced that it had closed its first round of funding for US$600,000 led by ConsenSys Ventures, a US fund specializing in investment in emerging high-impact tech companies created by a co-founder of Ethereum and Magma Partners, a US and Latin American venture capital fund.

  • Bloomberg

    Two years ago, Tang Xin had never set foot in Mexico and didn’t know a word of Spanish. While his grasp of the language hasn’t improved much since then, he has built one of the country’s hottest apps.

  • PRWeb

    Magma Fund II will support pre-seed and early-seed stage companies in Latin America; the China-Latin American accelerator is in partnership with co-working space Kr Space.

  • LAVCA News

    (Nathan Lustig) I’m excited to finally be able to announce that our portfolio company PropertySimple closed a US$3m round in the United States to help them continue to grow. I’ve been working closely with Adrian Fisher, PropertySimple’s founder and CEO, and team over the past year, helping them navigate their US market launch.

  • Venture Beat

    I’ve lived in Santiago, Chile for six years, and in just this short time I’ve witnessed Latin America’s tech ecosystem grow by leaps and bounds. Programs like Start-Up Chile, 500 Startups: Latam, and NXTP Labs are seeding Latin America’s tech ecosystem and providing incredible resources for local entrepreneurs. Thanks to these programs, and many others, I’ve seen a surge in not only Latin American companies launching for local markets but also in US startups opening offices here, along with local entrepreneurs attacking the US market. This growth has generated a new wave of highly-skilled, international tech companies operating in Latin America.

  • Funders Club Blog

    Hundreds of investors reviewed pitches from Airbnb, Instacart, and Uber when these companies were nascent startups and chose, ignominiously, to pass. But even great investors can miss big opportunities. It’s part of the profession. Investors can misread the market, misjudge the founders or simply believe an opportunity is overpriced. But often an investor will pass because of biases he or she has developed through experience, from the 'wisdom' of the crowd, or simply from a lack of knowledge.

  • Gigaom

    Winter is on the way and perhaps you’re thinking about moving south. Whether you’re looking to Latin America for new markets, hoping for cheaper rent or running from shoveling, the southern half of the Americas have a few promising hubs full of new accelerators, incubators, and increasingly, success stories.

  • YourStory News

    The Accelerator is already in its 6th batch and has announced the new 105 companies selected. The number of applications being received has been growing exponentially untill now. Batch 5 received 1509 applications from which a massive 101 were chosen. The number of companies chosen for Batch 6 has increased to 105 but the applications have gone down to 1400. Not a significant decline but this might suggest the stagnation point for applications.

  • The Next Web

    One great thing about the tech space is that anyone can enter it from anywhere. Whether working with a developer or picking up a coding language yourself, you can truly create something new to either boost your current startup or disrupt the entire industry for the better.

  • The Next Web

    As Start-Up Chile is about to welcome its fifth batch of teams and reach the 500 startup milestone, many would be curious to know what has happened to its previous alumni.

  • Venture Beat

    At the end of the day, your business comes down to numbers — low overhead, high revenue, increasing net profits, and even expanding social media reach. A valuation is an incredibly attractive number that intimidates competition and attracts potential investors, but how can entrepreneurs accurately value their business when it’s still a fledgling startup?

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    Long gone are the days when billboards, print advertisements and direct mail alone were the only ways to reach an audience of our choice. Today, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the many avenues of the Internet — most of which are free or relatively inexpensive. Setting up a presence on social media platforms and testing out segmented email marketing campaigns are today’s most promising marketing initiatives for startups. Results are accurately tracked and leads are constantly captured — all without signing a big check or licking a single stamp.

  • Venture Beat

    Many entrepreneurs dream of starting their own company so they can be their own boss, call the shots, get the corner office nicest table in the co-working space.

  • The Next Web

    There is no single manual for how to be an entrepreneur — though that fact is what makes the unique career path so enticing, it is also what makes it incredibly daunting at times. The unknown possibilities and the potential downfalls can be difficult to navigate, and mistakes are inevitable for every business owner.

  • The Next Web

    The digital service Entrustet, which lets users prepare their last wishes for their online assets, has been bought by the online storage firm SecureSafe. According to its co-founder Nathan Lustig, this makes it the first Start-Up Chile company to get acquired.

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    Scott Gerber is the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, a nonprofit organization that promotes youth entrepreneurship as a solution to unemployment and underemployment. The YEC provides young entrepreneurs with access to tools, mentorship, and resources that support each stage of a business's development and growth.

  • Fast Company

    It’s really easy to find information about raising money from angel investors or VCs, but many people don’t think about another important way to fund your startup: raising money from family and friends.

  • The Next Web

    It’s about to get very cold over the next few months in New York City, San Francisco, London and Europe. But down in South America, spring is melting into summer and the Chilean government wants to give you cash to move to Chile and run a start-up.

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