I’m currently living in Santiago, Chile, focused on Magma Partners, a seed stage investment firm that I run. I split my time 75% in Chile and 25% in the US and Europe. Since we started Magma 18 months ago, we’ve invested in 18 companies and many of them are starting to find success.

We focus on business to business companies that service the Latin American market and companies that can use cost arbitrage to have their tech team in Chile, but attack the US and European markets.

If you’d like to know more about Magma, have an interesting project that fits our investment thesis, or would like to learn about the Latin American startup scene, feel free to contact me.

I also run Andes Property, a property business based in Chile. We purchase and manage property in Latin America for us and our investors. We also help foreigners purchase property across Latin America.

In November, I’ll have lived in Chile for 5 years and am starting to spend more time in the US and Europe. I write a few articles per month on my blog, mostly about entrepreneurship in Latin America, politics and my personal observations on the world and am currently reading everything I can find about artificial intelligence.

Last updated: October 2015