Crowdspring is Fantastic

I had read about the power of crowd surfing over the last few years, but had never gotten a chance to actually try it out.  My partner from ExchangeHut, Corey Capasso, introduced me to CrowdSpring, a cool new startup that is crowd surfing for graphic design.  Its a simple idea, but it works amazingly well.  Here’s how it works:

You go to crowdspring and fill out a form with what your project’s needs.  Then, you post how much you are willing to pay for the winning design.  After you submit your project, the entire CrowdSpring community is able to work on your project.  You are guaranteed at least 25 entries, or your money back.  The project lasts for a week and you can watch the designs roll in, comment on them and ask for revisions.  After a week, you choose the winning design and get the files from the designer.  Crowdspring takes care of the legal documents to make sure that you own the design that was created for you.

I recently used it for a project of mine and it worked perfectly.  Here is an example of an entry on crowdspring.  I would suggest checking crowdspring out for any of your graphic design needs in the future.  Crowdspring is cheap, easy and provides quality work.