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Nico Barawid, Casai: Providing Consistently High-Quality Hospitality in Mexico, Ep 147

You can now find the full show notes of the Crossing Borders podcast on LatamList.com’s new podcast section. I’ll still post the audio of the podcast on my blog and I’m planning to start writing more again on my blog, like I used to.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [1:42]- Identifying the problem in the hospitality industry
  • [4:43]- Standardizing the variability of accomodations
  • [7:09]- Who is Nico Barawid?
  • [9:23]- What did your consulting and startup background teach you?
  • [11:39]- What is the best advice you have for someone starting a startup?
  • [13:26]- Picking your startup; what should you look for?
  • [15:53]- Why start Casai in Mexico?
  • [18:18]- Hiring local talent
  • [20:10]- Getting Casai off the ground
  • [22:43]- LatAm and US funds; how did you raise capital?
  • [26:30]- Growing from the first fund to pre-COVID-19
  • [28:40]- Surviving COVID-19 in the hospitality industry
  • [33:30]- What advice would you give your San Francisco self?
  • [38:14]- What is next for Casai?

Show notes on Latamlist.com.