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The New Deadmau5 Track and the Internet: The Way of the Future

About a month ago, Deadmau5 (pronouced Deadmouse) was creating a new track.  Instead of hiding for a month in a studio and then releasing the track to the world, he decided he would live stream video of his creative process.  He’s always been a pioneer in fan interaction and using the internet to grow his fanbase, so this was his logical next step to bring fans closer to his music. His entire process of creating the track from start to finish would be available online, for free, to anyone, live.

Twitter was abuzz.  As the track was coming along, Deadmau5 said that his next step would be to create some vocals.  Chris James, an aspiring dj/producer in the UK was watching and decided to throw something together.  He pulled some audio together and created some vocals.  Next, he tweeted at Deadmau5 to share his creation.  Deadmau5 talked about the tweet briefly on the broadcast, but didn’t listen to the track.  Other viewers kept tweeting saying the he had to listen. It was that good.  He obliged and was blown away, tweeting “DUDE… YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? god DAMN!”

Deadmau5 knew he had something amazing.  Within minutes he got Chris on the phone, gave him writing credits and told him how to improve the vocals.  All within 20 minutes.  The next day, they integrated the vocals.  A month later, Deadmau5 released The Veldt ft. Chris James, which I think is one of his best tracks in a long time.  Two years ago, this sort of collaboration would never have happened and we wouldn’t have this awesome track.

I firmly believe that this Deadmau5 story is just the leading edge of the phenomenon, and that its not just limited to music.  The internet gives those with something to offer unprecedented access to do amazing things.  Whether its collaborating with Deadmau5, connecting with entrepreneurs, journalists or artists, anyone with a good enough idea has the power to get noticed.  It’s an incredible change that is revolutionizing how we connect, create and live.  We can reach out and collaborate to create amazing things, publicize injustices and change the world.

We no longer have the excuses “if only I had the right connections” or “it’s too hard, nobody will listen to me.”  Just start.  Do something awesome, be persistant and the rest will take care of itself.  The internet has leveled the world. We all have the power to reach out and make our mark.  There’s no better time than now to get started.

Watch the streamed creative process here:

Listen to the complete finished track here: