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Apparently My Entrepreneurial Roots Go Back a Few Generations

Schumacher Furs 1923, Click to enlarge

My Mom has been looking into our family history over the past year or two and sent me this advertisement from a newspaper in Cedarburg, WI from 1923.  The ad on the right hand side is for my great-grandmother’s fur store, advertising the best furs in the Milwaukee area.  Her brother, my great-uncle, set up trading posts in Alaska to cut out the middle man in the fur trade.  He then shipped his furs back to St. Louis, where he chose some of the best ones for his sister’s, my great grandmother’s, shop.

She shared the other half of the building with her husband, my great grandfather, who ran a painting and decorating business.  As my Mom put it “double entrepreneurs in the same shop!”  Maybe some of my entrepreneurial talents got passed down the generations?  Either way, I think it’s cool to learn about some family history.