Tag: expressing gratitude


Yesterday, I wrote about apologizing.  Today, I want to write about saying thanks.  We’ve all had someone do something nice for us or make our lives easier.  We’ve all done something for someone else, whether it was for a simple favor, to further a business relationship or to simply just help someone out.  But are there times when you forget to say thank you?  Or give a halfhearted thanks, rather than a real one?  The answer is obviously yes.  Just like me, you’re human.

I think in the Internet age, we’re losing the art of the real thank you.  While a simple tweet is better than saying nothing, you can do so much better than 140 characters and 30 seconds.  If someone does something nice for you or was a huge help, you’ll really stand out if you send a real thank you, either by email or by phone.  I know some people advocate handwritten thank you notes, but in my opinion, an email or a phone call is more than sufficient.  Not only will saying thanks make you stand out, it’s just the right thing to do.  Just like taking responsibility when you do something wrong, sharing the praise when someone does something to help you out earns their respect.

You also never know how your small thank you will affect someone else.  It might be just what they needed to get them through the day.  It might be what sets you apart and makes someone want to work with or hang out again.  Saying thanks and meaning it just makes the world a better place.  But overusing thank yous is annoying.  Send real thank yous when people deserve them, not because you want people to like or respect you more.  It’s never too late to thank someone who did you a favor or helped you out.  Is there anyone who you haven’t thanked lately who deserves it?  If so, write them an email, pick up the phone and give them the thanks they deserve.