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I’m Blogging about Madison Startups At Capital Entrepreneurs

If you enjoy my Startup Reviews, entrepreneur profiles and thoughts on the Madison startup scene, don’t forget to check out my posts over at Capital Entrepreneurs.  For the last year and a half, I’ve been posting on Capital Entrepreneurs whenever a member company gets press, but over the last few weeks, a few of the CE members have decided that we’re going to use the CE blog as the TechCrunch of Madison and potentially all of Wisconsin.  We’re writing more in depth posts and are interviewing more people, startups and entrepreneurs and are even breaking some news that you might not see covered in the local media outlets.

I don’t think I’ll be cross posting much, but I think if you’re interested in hearing about Madison tech, you should check out my stories on Capital Entrepreneurs.  I posted last week about GoBuzz, a business intelligence email service that two CE members launched last week and yesterday I wrote about Chris Meyer’s grand opening of Sector 67, Madison’s first hackerspace. Check out CE and if you have any tips or stories that you think should be told, shoot me an email and I’ll make sure to do