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Chile: The Expat’s Guide Released!

I’m excited to announce that my newest book, Chile: The Expat’s Guide is now out and available for purchase on Amazon! The book gives you the inside scoop about living, working and traveling in Chile from my perspective as a foreigner who has been living in Chile for the better part of the last three years. Whether you’re traveling to Chile for pleasure, coming for business, studying abroad or relocating, reading the book will arm with the knowledge you need to make the best of your stay.

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I cover everything from Chilean culture, history and food to practical tips on where to live, where to go out, dating, travel and much more. Rate five stars on Amazon, the book is 216 pages chock full of the useful information you’ll need to enjoy your time in Chile.

The book comes with a companion website that includes my most updated restaurant guide, service providers that will be useful while you’re in Chile and tips and tricks to survive in the Chilean jungle. For more information, check out the Chile Expat’s Guide website for a full table of contents, the introduction and much more.

Special Offer! If you purchased my first book about Startup Chile, I’m offering 50% off the electronic version. Shoot me an email with a picture of you reading the book and I’ll send you a discount code!

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