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My Talk From The Forward Technology Festival

Last month I gave a talk at the Forward Technology Festival in Madison. The format was Pecha Kucha, which means that you get 20 slides that automatically move forward every 20 seconds. I gave my presentation on How I Evaluate an Opportunity and talked about the lessons I’ve learned from ExchangeHut, Entrustet, Startup Chile and various other business ventures. Pecha Kucha is harder than it looks and this version was 100x better than my first crack at the format. Check it out here:

Madison’s Isthmus Wrote About Me, Madison, Startup Chile and Entrepreneurship

Mark Eisen of Madison’s The Isthmus wrote an article, Nathan Lustig Takes His Talent Abroad, about me, Madison, Startup Chile and my background of what made me an entrepreneur. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll probably recognize many of the stories that Mark wrote about. It was really fun chatting with Mark about Madison’s future and the startup scene that we’ve building for the past decade. I’m glad I can still be a part of it from “5400 miles away.”

I wanted to make one clarification about about the business school: while it’s true I absolutely hated Accounting 100, the first two weeks were incredibly helpful in understanding how Quickbooks worked. Although the classes and many of the students weren’t my style, I owe a ton of my success to some of the professors there including John Surdyk and Anne Miner who run the Burrill Business Plan Competition where I first met Joe Boucher, a UW professor and my lawyer, Jon Eckhardt who helped me a ton with both ExchangeHut and Entrustet. Plus two of by business partners were business students who graduated from the entrepreneurship program!

Thanks to Mark for writing and everyone who took time to be interviewed to make the article happen. Thanks Joe, Matt, Forrest, Scott, Maite and anyone else who I missed. And it’s true. I’ll be back in Madison for at least awhile in late June! It will be great to see you all.