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The Whiteboard Desk

When people come to our office for the first time, they almost always comment on our desks and tables.    Ever since we moved in two years ago, we covered all of the available surfaces in white boards.  I love being able to sit at our big table and just write things down on the table as I think of them.  It’s great for taking notes on phone calls and writing todo lists.  It’s certainly helped increase my productivity and it was super cheap to set up.

We went to home depot and bought two 8×4 foot tile boards for a total of $20.  We had the guys at Home Depot cut our boards into our desks’ dimensions and taped them down with double sided tape.  It was a cheap investment that’s been a unique addition to our office.  Check out some pictures:

Do you have anything unique in your office that helps you work better or more efficiently?