The Superbowl, Chilean Style

As soon as I moved out of the country, Wisconsin went to the Rose Bowl and the Packers went to the Superbowl.  I watched the end of the season on my computer on the free streaming websites (which the US government just shut down) and then watched the the NFC Championship game at an American bar close to my apartment.  It’s strange being in a place where you’re one of the only people who cares about the sport.  I’m used to it though, after watching the Champions League and other international soccer in the United States.

It’s been fun to share American Football with people who normally wouldn’t watch.  Jesse and I watched the the Packers/Patriots regular season game with one of our friends from Portugal, who left saying “I would love to try that game.”  We watched the NFC Championship game with friends from Chile, Israel, Portugal, Ireland and the US.  There were hardly any Packers fans and a few Bears fans, which led to a fun atmosphere.  After the Packers won, I led our group in a Go Pack Go chant, which some of my friends changed to “Go Back Home” to some of the Bears fans.

I’m heading over to the bar in about 30 minutes to watch the game with friends from Chile, Israel, Germany, China and the US.  It’s 85 and sunny, which isn’t quite Superbowl weather, but I’m excited.  Although I had to walk over to the mall to get a green shirt, I can’t wait for the game.  I’m predicting 34-24 Packers.