Advice from Venture Capitalists to Latin American Founders, Ep 100

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to interview some of the best venture capital investors in Latin America on the Crossing Borders podcast. With that in mind, we decided to launch an Investor Remix Series, where we go back to previous episodes to highlight the stories of some of the region’s most interesting and successful investors. For the first episode in the series, we feature six investors giving advice to founders from Latin America.

The episode kicks off with Michael Sidgmore, Partner at Broadhaven Ventures, who provides tips to founders on how they should be approaching their investment pitch. Next, Andrés Barreto, Founder of Firstock Capital, talks about some of the most common mistakes founders make when seeking investment. Then, Amanda Jacobson, a venture capitalist currently working at fintech startup Oyster Financial, talks about the lessons she’s learned from when she first started out as an entrepreneur.

Next, Johanna Posada from Elevar Equity shares advice she would have given her younger self as an investor and an entrepreneur. Then, QED Investors’ Mike Packer, talks about key questions to be sure to ask VCs when raising money. Lastly, we have Güimar Vaca Sittic, Venture Partner at FJ Labs who provides insights to founders on determining the size of their company.

Investors’ full-length episodes:

Show Notes:

  • [0:56] Michael Sidgmore – Advice for founders in LatAm pitching to a VC
  • [4:44] Andrés Barreto – Top mistakes when pitching to a VC
  • [9:48] Amanda Jacobson – Advice to those starting out: listen and observe
  • [11:07] Johanna Posada – Advice to her younger self
  • [12:13] Mike Packer – Questions to ask a VC
  • [12:51] Güimar Vaca Sittic – On persevering towards bigger ideas
  • [18:58] Amanda Jacobson – Advice to entrepreneurs who are starting to raise money

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