An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Coworking Spaces in Latin America

Latin America has recently become a booming destination for entrepreneurs and digital nomads looking for fast WiFi, comfortable accommodations, adventure and a lower cost of living. In response, coworking spaces have popped up in every Latin American capital, and even on remote beaches, to attract entrepreneurs and remote professionals to live, collaborate, and work together. Boasting coffee, private Skype rooms, yoga classes, beach access, and open-plan offices, Latin American coworking spaces are encouraging collaboration across the region.

Read on for a list of some of the top coworking spaces in Latin America.

1. La Maquinita – Argentina

La Maquinita is one of Argentina’s most popular coworking spaces, and for good reason. With seven locations across Buenos Aires and in other cities, entrepreneurs are never far from a space to work. Individuals and companies can choose between working in an open-plan room or a private office. On Friday nights, La Maquinita also hosts its famous ‘Fuck Up Nights BA’, where entrepreneurs share their biggest failures, creating a strong community of collaboration and friendship.

Some other notable Argentine coworking spaces include: Urban Station, We Work, AreaTres, Manawa Coworking, and Loop Coworking. More info on Argentina’s business climate.

2. ImpactHub – Brazil

Located in São Paulo, one of Latin America’s biggest cities and the site of Google’s newest Fintech campus, ImpactHub São Paulo has a large community to serve. This space focuses on using creativity to foster positive change by hosting entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. With 90+ locations across all continents, ImpactHub is building a thriving international community of socially-minded entrepreneurs.

This big city is rife with coworking opportunities: Colab Coworking and Blocktime Coworking are some examples. Outside of São Paulo, some of the best spaces are at Coollabore en Itajai, CoNéctar in Ribeirão Preto, and Plus Coworking in Curitiba. Here’s a list of many of the coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro. More info on doing business in Brazil and the Brazilian Venture Capital ecosystem.

3. Edge Cowork – Chile

With three different locations in Chile’s burgeoning capital, Santiago, Edge Cowork provides options for all levels of workers – from aspiring entrepreneurs to established digital nomads. The sleek interiors of their spaces are conducive to productivity and flow. Members can choose between reserving a ‘Hot Desk’ at just one location, or a ‘Flex Desk’ that allows them to use all of the Edge locations around Santiago.

As a major hub of entrepreneurship in Latin America, Santiago boasts numerous other coworking spaces to fit the needs of all kinds of remote workers. Among the best are: GreenTi Co-Work, The Hall Cowork, Co-Work El Golf, and Urban Station, which has several locations in Santiago. Chile Venture Capital Overview.

4. La Casa Redonda – Colombia

La Casa Redonda is a beautiful coworking space in the youthful neighborhood of Laureles, in Medellin, Colombia. They emphasize a life that revolves around the ‘round table,’ a space of communication, collaboration, and close-knit community in the metropolitan area.

In Medellin, other notable spaces include: Siembra Coworking, NODO Coworking, and AtomHouse, which also has a location in Bogotá. In Cali, Casa O Coworking receives top ratings, and in Bogota, Colabora or HubBOG. Doing business in Colombia and Colombia venture capital overview.

5.Creasala – Costa Rica

Creasala is an open-plan workspace focused on collaboration between freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads in San José. This pet-friendly space offers flexible packages for all who want to work in beautiful Costa Rica.

Despite its small size, Costa Rica hosts several other coworking spaces such as SkyLoft in Santa Teresa, Studio Coworking & Learning, and Co-Spacio in Heredia, and Impactico and Selina Cowork in San José. Doing business in Costa Rica overview.

6. Impaqto – Ecuador

Impaqto coworking space in Quito and Cumbaya is committed to providing resources to social impact focused entrepreneurs in Ecuador. The space hosts an startup incubator and provides on-site consulting for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in the Ecuadorian community.

Ecuador’s coworking options like Conexion Ec, Buen Trip Hub, Casa Mitómana, and TORNO co.lab are generally centered in Quito. Panal Coworking is an option in Guayaquil. Doing business in Ecuador overview.

7. Encuentros – Nicaragua

Slightly off the beaten path, Encuentros in Granada, Nicaragua offers excellent coworking and coliving facilities in a historic mansion, set in a beautiful colonial city. Encuentros boasts a big pool and the fastest Internet in Nicaragua, and as one of the first coworking spaces in the country, it is likely to stay. This beautiful space combines the best of comfortable accommodations with high-quality amenities catered to entrepreneurs and digital nomads looking to rest and work.

Nicaragua is fairly new to the coworking scene, but NomadLife in San Juan del Sur and La Fábrica Coworking in Managua are both options for collaborative work in this small Central American country. Doing business in Nicaragua overview.

8. Coco Vivo – Panama

Coco Vivo is far from a typical caffeine-fueled coworking space. Located at the tip of the stunning San Cristobal Island, this coworking and coliving space is meant to be an escape from the urban grind. This remote eco-friendly retreat is the perfect way to reconnect with nature without losing WiFi connection.

Alternatively, in Panama City there are other coworking options including Workings (several locations around Panama), My Office Panama Inc., FOS Cowork, and Business Point. Doing business in Panama overview.

9. Residencia – Peru

Located in the flourishing Miraflores neighborhood of Lima, Peru, Residencia is focused on providing a creative and inspiring environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers. They are famous for their ‘Noches Apasionadas,’ an intense workshop to iron out key issues with a startup.

Other spaces in Lima include: Ascèndio Coworking, Serendipia Coworking, and Co-Labora Coworking. Outside of the big city, Gen Up Coworking in Cusco and Espacio Casa Abierta Coworking in Arequipa are making coworking easier than ever in Peru. Doing business in Peru and Peru Venture Capital overview.

10. Sinergia Cowork – Uruguay

Sinergia, Uruguay’s first coworking space, creates a vibrant community by providing educational events for its members, including Hackathons, Pitch Nights, workshops, and collaboration opportunities. By running an incubator out of the space, Sinergia is encouraging entrepreneurship in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, considered to be one of the best places to live in Latin America.

This small Southern Cone country is only just recently joining the coworking trend; Serratosa, Coworking Center, and You Hub are all located in Montevideo and offer multiple options for collaborative work. Doing business in Uruguay.

This article just scratches the surface of the coworking and coliving communities that have recently become an integral part of these booming Latin American cities. If I missed your favorite, please comment below.