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Artificial Intelligence Is Here

AI is here and it’s being implemented faster than most people think. I’m not talking about human level AI, AGI, but super early stage AI that’s already helping make things more efficient. Although it’s early, AI implementation is moving faster and will affect new industries faster than most people suspect.

These AI improvements are made possible by companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft opening sourcing their APIs in the past few months. Companies like Amazon and IBM will likely follow suit and launch AI APIs. It’s now possible for anyone who knows how to code to implement AI into their apps. This wasn’t possible 6 months ago. Now it is. And it’s open or cheap. (more…)

The Half Life of Jobs

Half life

1. Physics. the time required for one half the atoms of a given amount of a radioactive substance to disintegrate.

2. Also called biological half-life. Pharmacology. the time required for the activity of a substance taken into the body to lose one half its initial effectiveness.

3. Informal. a brief period during which something flourishes before dying out.

According to John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas: 

“The half-life of a learned skill is 5-years” – this means that much of what you learned 10 years ago is obsolete and half of what you learned 5 years ago is irrelevant.


Populist Revolt: Draining the Swamp and Refilling it With Old Swamp Water

A friend of mine texted me on Wednesday, “I’ve never been sadder to be proven right.” As someone who saw Hillary as the lesser of two evils and voted for her, I feel the same. Donald Trump, the vindictive, race-baiting, populist con man with authoritarian tendencies is our next president.

He wasn’t a joke or a clown. He’s the backlash against:

  • Elites taking all of the benefits since the 70s, and looking at the rest of their fellow citizens with disdain while calling them stupid, lazy or racists for complaining.
  • Politicians looking us in the eye and lying while promising to make things better.

He’s a big fuck you to the ruling class of both parties who made them the butt of their jokes and didn’t help as their lives got harder and in same cases shorter.  As I wrote two years ago:

As the US elites continue to amass wealth on a scale reminiscent of the years just before the Great Depression and continue to move toward Chilean levels and you see things like affluenza being used as a successful defense for drunkenly killing people and large corporations paying nominal fines and nearly zero taxes while normal people are punished severely for similar or lesser transgressions.

Solving these issues and putting the impunity index and Vautrin’s Law back into balance requires buy-in from government, politicians and most of all the elites that are currently benefiting from these conditions. I don’t believe that these conditions can last forever without some sort of reaction, whether its an economic reaction like the financial crisis or the election of a populist leader who will implement already disproven ideas that will punish the elites, but not raise the standard of the rest.

He’s also the backlash against social just warriors and bigoteers who have preached against and punished microagressions like asking someone “where are you from” the same as calling someone a racial slur. As I wrote in July:


Understanding Donald Trump and his Supporters in Order to Stop Him

Donald Trump has a very good chance of being our next President. We need to admit it if we want to do anything about it. If you’re thinking Trump can’t win, you’re either in a bubble or lying to yourself.

He’s not a sideshow. He’s not someone to laugh at. Many of his supporters have real grievances that the major political parties and their fellow citizens have ignored. Voting for Trump is not illogical for some people in the US. He is the first person to at least speak to them and offer a hand. Unfortunately, he’s done it in a terrible way, taking advantage of their plight for personal gain, increasing fear and scapegoating people who don’t deserve it. (more…)