Cristobal Perdomo, Wollef: Inside the ups and downs of VC in LatAm, Ep 190

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Outline of this episode:

  • [00:31] – Introduction to Cristobal
  • [00:31] – Cristobal’s quick overview of changes in the ecosystem in the past five years
  • [04:34] – Thoughts on tourist capital and tourist entrepreneurs
  • [06:54] – Wollef’s evolution as a VC fund
  • [12:10] – Changes in Wollef from fund 1 to fund 3
  • [14:58] – Lessons learned from fund to fund
  • [18:40] – The most interesting countries to invest in right now
  • [21:41] – Thoughts on Colombia and the entrepreneur’s mindset
  • [29:23] – Technology’s role in economic development
  • [30:09] – Cristobal’s opinion on web3 and crypto
  • [33:12] – Documentaries and podcast recommendations
  • [34:37] – Advice to a younger Cristobal
  • [36:41] – Indie vs Unicornio, Cristobal’s new podcast

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