Do you need help with your Start-Up Chile application?

The newest Start-Up Chile application period is now open and the deadline is a week from tomorrow, Thursday October 27th.  Start-Up Chile will select the 100 best startups to invite to Chile.  Over 1300 companies have applied for the program in the past year.

It is a great program and I encourage all entrepreneurs who are in the bootstrapping phase or already have developed a product but need more time to figure out the correct business model to apply.

My company, Entrustet, was part of the pilot phase of Start-Up Chile and arrived in Chile in November 2010, just about a year ago.  I blogged extensively about my experiences in the program and in Chile, along with advice on how to get selected for Start-Up Chile.

I’ve written or reviewed five applications for Start-Up Chile teams and four have been selected for the program.  I can help you craft an application that emphasizes the criteria that the judges are looking for.

If you need help with your application, please contact me.  Editing, writing, review, advice.  I charge a small flat fee to review and edit your application, plus a success fee if you are selected for the program after I’ve helped you.

Want help? Got questions?  What a quote?  Email me: nate at nathanlustig dot com or fill out my contact form.

Note: I WILL NOT write letters of recommendation for money.  I reserve these only for people I know well.


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