Greatest Hits Episode: Christian Van der Henst, Helping Latin America Learn with Platzi, Ep 155

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Outline of this episode:

  • [1:54] – Splitting time between Platzi offices in Bogota, San Francisco, and Mexico City
  • [2:31] – What does Platzi do?
  • [3:46] – Were you always an entrepreneur?
  • [4:57] – How did you get started with Maestros del Web?
  • [5:56] – Growing up in Guatemala
  • [8:40] –  How Christian fell in love with the internet at a young age
  • [11:26] – Going from Guatemala to Barcelona
  • [12:37] – What were some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome going from 0 to 10M page views?
  • [15:42] – What was like going from being a solo founder to teaming up with somebody?
  • [16:55] – Why went from live classes to streaming and YouTube
  • [18:24] – Why mistakes are good for learning
  • [19:39] – Why Latino founders should learn to put themselves out there and stop fearing failure
  • [22:53] – Rebranding: Your users care more about product than name
  • [24:15] – Why they targeted the Spanish-speaking market
  • [25:23] – What was it like to enter YCombinator as the first fully Latin American company?
  • [27:30] – Biggest surprises participating in YCombinator
  • [29:19] – Why Colombia is leading the way for international investment in LatAm
  • [31:17] – When did you know Platzi would grow to be something big?
  • [34:25] – Why keep an office in San Francisco?
  • [36:24] – What advice would you give to other Latin American founders when they are trying to raise money?
  • [38:02] – Why should more US VCs be looking at companies from LatAm?
  • [40:26] – Why fintech is so important in LatAm
  • [42:53] – What’s your advice for people that want to start learning to code?
  • [44:05] – If you could go back to when you were first starting, what advice would you give yourself?

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