Is Any Party Worth $170,000,000?

The inauguration is a huge national event, but to me it is just one great big party. This inauguration has more significance because of the historical ramifications, but still, is it worth the $170m price tag?

With the current state of the economy, it would have been a PR bonanza if the Obama team had scaled down some of the festivites and donated the money to a worthy cause like job training, homeless shelters or an anti-global warming initiative.


  • Yes, $170,000,000 is a significant sum. But how much of that was Obama’s choice? They had to put on an inauguration.(Yes, they could have had a brief ceremony in the capitol where they had lunch, but think of how inappropriate it would be to have a “private” swearing in.) And then these millions of people decided on their own to come, “invited” or not. The decision of these interested folks to show up required major expenditures for porta-potties, security (including military, local and imported law enforcement) clean-up, traffic control, public transportation. The parade, I suppose,could have been cancelled, but think of all the disappointed high school marching bands! Neither the inauguration ceremony nor the parade were very fancy, considering our current standards for entertainment. No fireworks this time. Marching bands? Some horses, with and without cowboys or American Indians, the “float” from George Washington University carrying a bunch of students?

    I didn’t make any of the inaugural balls, but from what I saw on TV and in the papers, they seemed on par with a high school prom.

    Yes, it is important to feed the poor, shelter the homeless and train the unemployed. (Don’t let me stop you!) But celebration is an important element of any culture. And most would consider this event a fairly significant one in the history of our country. Money well spent, I think!

    Sharing my thoughts-Aunt Nan

  • Thanks for the response. I was mostly joking with the post, but 170m is a TON of money. I know Obama really didn’t have much control, but he could have directed the Google people to donate their money to charity or helping out in other ways instead of throwing a ball. Its just a bit unseemly to me, thats all.

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