Izabel Gallera, Canary: Building networks for early-stage startup founders in Latin America, Ep 171

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Outline of this episode:

  • [01:20] – About Canary
  • [03:20] – Early-stage startup thesis
  • [07:01] – Izabel’s background
  • [09:21] – Evolution of the startup ecosystem
  • [13:48] – Expanding to other countries in LatAm
  • [16:04] – Lessons learned as an investor and advice for founders
  • [20:27] – Why did Canary choose to invest in early-stage startups?
  • [24:17] – Advice to founders that want to partner with Canary
  • [25:51] – Biggest leverage points for founders and lessons learned helping entrepreneurs on their journey. 
  • [27:57] – Advice to younger self
  • [29:20] – Podcast recommendations

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