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Startup Chile Application Help

Startup Chile just opened the 15th round of applications this week and will stay open from now until September 29th with the winners being announced in December. In each of the previous rounds, 1500+  startups from more than 60 countries applied for the right to come to Chile for $20m Chilean pesos (US$34,000). Chile invited 100 of these 1500+ companies who applied and they will begin to arrive in the next months, joining the 1000+ startups who have participated in the program since 2010.

Startup Chile has become more competitive as the number of applications has grown. Round twelve saw applications grow and more than 2500 companies will likely apply to Round 13.

Startup Chile Application Help Round Six

It’s that time again. Startup Chile is opening their sixth round of applications on monday September 24th.  This application period will be open until October 8th and the winners will be announced November 29th.  In the last application process 1509 startups from more than 60 countries around the world applied for a spot in this coveted program. 100 were selected and they’ll start to arrive in the next few months.  It has become more competitive as the number of applications has grown and this round could easily have over 2000 applications for 100 spots.

Startup Chile is a great program, especially for entrepreneurs who are in the bootstrapping phase or already have developed a product but need more time to figure out the correct business model to apply. My company, Entrustet, was part of the pilot phase of Start-Up Chile and arrived in Chile in November 2010.  I blogged extensively about my experiences in the program and in Chile, along with advice on how to get selected for Start-Up Chile. I tracked down the stats from the pilot round companies a year later, which was published on The Next Web. I also wrote an ebook, Startup Chile 101, with everything you need to know about living and doing business in Chile.

Since the third round, I’ve helped startups review their applications and prepare them to get accepted into Startup Chile. Overall I’ve now reviewed,  18 applications for prospective Startup Chile teams and 12 have been accepted.

  • Rounds 2/3 – 6/9 accepted 66%
  • Round 4 – 3/4 accepted 75%
  • Round 5 – 3/6 accepted 50%
  • Overall: 12/18 accepted 66%

In round 5, 6.6% of applicants were accepted into the program and 3/6 (50%) of the applications I reviewed made it. One company had applied two times previously and were accepted after we worked together.  Another team needed to completely redo their video and we worked together to make it happen. I thought 2 more of the teams that I worked with completely deserved to make it in, including one that I would have invested in myself.

I can help you craft an application that emphasizes the criteria that the judges are looking for, correct your grammar into perfect English and give you the tips you need to have the best chance at getting selected.

If you need help with your application, please contact me.  Editing, writing, review, advice.  I charge a small flat fee to review and edit your application, plus a success fee if you are selected for the program after I’ve helped you.

Want help? Got questions?  Want a quote?  Email me: nate at nathanlustig dot com or fill out my contact form.

Note: I WILL NOT write paid letters of recommendation.  I reserve these only for people I have known for a long time and know their project.

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