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Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline: Building innovative end-to-end products worldwide, Ep 141

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Outline of this episode:

  • [1:46] – About Wizeline
  • [3:30] – The vision behind the expansion plan
  • [5:10] – Bismarck’s nomadic upbringing
  • [6:38] – On building wealth
  • [8:29] – Entrepreneurship in the media
  • [10:40] – From medicine to startups
  • [13:04] – Leaving Google
  • [14:02] – Lessons learned from starting, building, scaling, and selling a business
  • [16:33] – Advice on dealing with boards
  • [17:54] – The Telstra deal
  • [20:00] – Starting the next company
  • [22:34] – What it takes to be successful
  • [26:25] – Guadalajara’s tech ecosystem 
  • [32:55] – Advice to Bismarck’s younger self
  • [34:25] – Books, blogs, & podcast recommendations
  • [35:20] – What’s next for the companies?

Show notes on Latamlist.com.

Andy Kieffer, AgaveLab: Cultivating Guadalajara Talent to Solve Mexican Problems with Tech, Ep 83

Andy Kieffer and his family decided to spend a year relaxing in Guadalajara, Mexico, and ended up staying. As founder of AgaveLab, Andy helps startups in the US and Mexico build tech products with local Guadalajara talent. 

Originally from the midwest, Andy moved to California straight out of high school and worked on early stage tech companies, helping them build product, raise money more quickly and even get acquired. After each project, he would take a year off to travel, which eventually led him to Guadalajara.

In this episode I sit down with Andy to hear more about his story building tech companies in Silicon Valley, creating products for the Mexican market, and how he is helping solve some of Mexico’s biggest problems with his “startup apprenticeship program” AgaveLab. We also cover lessons learned from the Mexican ecosystem, why Mexico is an attractive market for starting a business as well as for foreign investment.