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Matías Muchnick, NotCo: Building The Future of Food From Chile, Ep 119

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Outline of this episode:

  • [2:16] – About NotCo
  • [7:46] – Becoming an entrepreneur
  • [14:24] – Reaction of friends and family
  • [16:22] – The breaking point with Eggless
  • [19:50] – NotCo’s inflection point
  • [25:07] – How NotCo raised money from Jeff Bezos and Top VCs
  • [31:14] – Next steps after raising $85M in a Series C 
  • [34:55] – Advice to Matías’ younger self
  • [36:37] – Books, blogs, and podcast recommendations

Show notes on Latamlist.com.

Brazil Venture Capital Overview

This post is the fifth in a series about Latin American venture capital ecosystems. Read Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

I recently wrote about the growing business opportunities in Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world and home to one of the most tech-savvy populations in Latin America. Despite the recent political turbulence and recession, Brazilian startups are still attracting plenty of attention from investors. New government initiatives and a growing interest from foreign investors are building momentum for Brazil’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

If you’re an investor or seeking funding opportunities for your venture, below is a brief overview of the venture capital ecosystem in Brazil.

Angel Investors

Anjos do Brasil – Anjos do Brasil is a nonprofit founded in 2011 to help further the development of angel investment in Brazil. The organization has over 16 affiliated groups and 350 members across the entire country.

Startup Angels – Startup Angels is an international network that inspires and enables angel investors worldwide, with an office in São Paulo, Brazil’s financial capital. (more…)