China-Latin America Innovation Year: Vibrant Mexico

One of the most exciting parts of the Kr-Magma Partners platform is showcasing the growing business opportunities in Latin America for Chinese entrepreneurs and investors. As part of our partnership with Kr Space, we created the China-Latin America Innovation Year and will be putting on an event each month to highlight the unique opportunities in different Latin American countries.

Dong Bo, Kr Space’s Vice President, debuted our joint 2018 China-Latin America Innovation Year plan: Kr-Magma Space will host 10 monthly Latin American country themed workshops and will rotate between Beijing and Shanghai. Over the next year, we’ll showcase Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, and Puerto Rico to helping more Chinese entrepreneurs to understand Latin-American market and how to do business in each country. At the same time, the events will help more Latin American entrepreneurs to understand and leverage China, whether in their home countries or in China, with the ultimate goal of building a cross-border innovation, entrepreneurship and financing ecosystem.

Our first event, held March 29th, focused on one of Latin America’s giants, Mexico and was held last night in K Zhongguancun InnoWay offices. Over 40 Chinese companies participated in the event which was supported by ProMexico, China International Youth Exchange Center, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, Party Committee and Global Innovation Community of Zhongguancun InnoWay, Youth Federation of Beijing Haidian District and Beijing Overseas Chinese Return Association.

Jie Hao, a Magma Partners Partner who runs our Chinese office, kicked off the event by talking about how Kr-Magma Space is helping Chinese and Latin American companies and governments better understand globalization.

The Trade and Investment Commissioner of ProMexico, Mr. Felipe Garcia showcased the rapid development of the Mexican economy and its technology sector and current opportunities for investment in Mexico. Attendees included

  1. Dong Zhaohui – Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship Department of the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee;
  2. Jiang Chonnghua – Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Zhongguancun Administrative Committee;
  3. David Zhong – President of KrSpace
  4. Felipe Garcia – Trade and Investment Commissioner of ProMexico,
  5. Wen Sijun – Deputy Secretary of the Haidian District Party Committee
  6. Jie Hao – Partner of Magma Partners