Introducing Ttanti: Patagonian Wood Watches

ttanti wood watch

I’m really excited to introduce Ttanti’s Travelers Collection, wood watches direct from Chile’s Patagonia. Max and Angel, have been working on Ttanti for 2+ years to make it a reality. Although its outside of our primarily tech focus at Magma, we loved the project and the team and decided to help out.

We’ve been working with Max and Angel for the better part of 18 months, helping them go from a 100% Chilean made prototype, to a Patagonian designed watch with a Swiss made body, all expertly finished off by hand by Chilean artisans. Ttanti is one of our portfolio companies that I’m most proud of because of how far they’ve come.

After creating their first prototype two years ago, they partnered with a Chilean industrial designer who created the first designes for the Travelers Collection, then traveled to Switzerland to meet with potential manufacturing partners, then came back to Chile to put the finishing touches on the collection. Watching Max and Angel evolve as entrepreneurs has been a treat. And the final product of their hard work is the beautiful Travelers Collection.

Ttanti just launched their Kickstarter today so that they can enter into the next phase of production. The final products are a unique combination of a Swiss made watch with beautiful Patagonian wood. They look amazing in the photos and video, but even better in person. Check out their video and think about supporting them, it makes a unique holiday gift!