LatAm List: Latin American Startup News in English

Latin America’s entrepreneurs are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, yet there is only minimal English language coverage of their work. As a result, these stories remain confined to the region, hidden away in their native Spanish or Portuguese.

With major English-language tech publications covering only the biggest stories, generally $20M+ fundraising and big ticket acquisitions from the region’s most prominent startups who have been funded by US venture capitalists, English speakers only have limited access to insights on Latin America’s booming startup ecosystem.

After we started the Crossing Borders Podcast ~1 year ago to highlight entrepreneurs with amazing stories with some connection to Latin America, the feedback was overwhelming. Building on what we’d started, we realized that there was a pressing need to bring the US and Latin American startup ecosystems closer together and to keep the English-speaking public informed of current events in Latin American entrepreneurship.

To solve this issue, we launched a new Latin American tech news site, called LatAm List to cover the stories that the English tech media isn’t covering. These stories are already being shared by mostly Spanish-language sources like PulsoSocial, El Mercurio, La República, and many more and many are aggregated into the great LAVCA bi-weekly English newsletter. Unfortunately, the language barrier prevents these narratives from reaching a wider, more global audience.

We source stories from Spanish and Portuguese language outlets, along with entrepreneurs and investors from our network to provide a wide range of stories about Latin America’s most exciting startups, some of which are building amazing businesses, raising millions of dollars in venture capital and providing novel solutions to global problems.

At Magma Partners, we have spent the past four years supporting and mentoring high-powered Latin American startups as they launch in the US market. We know that part of the battle to crossing borders is showing US venture capitalists that Latin American startups are not only solving real problems, but can also be immensely profitable. LatAm List brings together all the news about Latin America’s tech news, investments, exits, and launches to show that starting a business can can be a great career path and that investing in Latin American entrepreneurship is good business.

Dozens of the startups covered on LatAm List have already raised considerable rounds of funding in the US, China or Latin America, been acquired by international firms, or even launched an IPO and reached unicorn status. These cases were anomalies even 18 months ago, but we believe that Latin America is an an inflection point.

These stories speak to the force and potential of the Latin American startup ecosystem. We believe both the US and Latin American markets can benefit from greater access to information about Latin American entrepreneurship, and LatAm List is meant to help us reach that goal. With 100+ stories already on LatAm List, we hope it becomes one of your goto sources to learn about Latin American startups.

If you’re a Latin American entrepreneur or fund manager would like to share a story for publication on LatAm List, please reach out to Sophia Wood, who is heading up LatAm List, via our contact us or see our submission guidelines! You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay updated on Latin American startup news straight from your inbox.

We hope this resource will help you stay informed and up-to-date on current events in the Latin American startup ecosystem. If you have any tips or suggestions, please let us know in the comments, or contact us directly through LatAm List!