Property Simple: Automated Social Media Advertising for Real Estate Agents

Property Simple, a company that helps real estate agents sell and capture more properties, is our first portfolio company to make the jump from Latin America to the US market. Adrian Fisher, Property Simple’s founder, moved to Los Angeles full time a month ago to continue to help real estate agents sell more faster.

Property Simple helps real estate agents in two ways.

Property Simple’s first product allows real estate agents to improve their personal branding and stay top of mind within their network by automatically posting property listings and unique agent information to an agent’s own social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. By posting automatically, agents stay top of mind in their personal network, which are the people most likely to refer a seller to them, without having to spend 30-60 minutes per day on posting on social media.

Property Simple’s second product drives buyer and seller leads via paid, automated, extremely targeted social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google. It allows agents to automatically target potential buyers or farm potential sellers in their area by demographics like age, income level, marriage status, education level along with other information like credit score and if they’re likely to move in the next year.

I’m really excited about Property Simple for two reasons. First, it’s clear that Property Simple’s two products are driving value for agents in a space where Adrian and his team can build a really interesting business. Second, Adrian’s move validates one of the core tenants of our hypothesis at Magma: startups have a massive advantage by having their back office in Latin America, but selling into the US market, especially as investment capital becomes harder to get in the US as some air gets let out of the startup space.

I think we’ll see more companies from Latin America moving to the US market, but keeping their back office in Latam to keep burn rates low while selling into the lucrative US market.