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Matías Muchnick, NotCo: Building The Future of Food From Chile, Ep 119

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Outline of this episode:

  • [2:16] – About NotCo
  • [7:46] – Becoming an entrepreneur
  • [14:24] – Reaction of friends and family
  • [16:22] – The breaking point with Eggless
  • [19:50] – NotCo’s inflection point
  • [25:07] – How NotCo raised money from Jeff Bezos and Top VCs
  • [31:14] – Next steps after raising $85M in a Series C 
  • [34:55] – Advice to Matías’ younger self
  • [36:37] – Books, blogs, and podcast recommendations

Show notes on Latamlist.com.

Tech Will Allow a Family to Live Well on $3500 per Year

So far, I’ve talked about some of the downsides of the massive change from AI and path dependency:

I wrote about how being compensated for our data might be a way out. But what about some other potential good news?

“Competing Without Software Is Like Competing Without Electricity” – Naval Ravikant

As technology impacts every industry and becomes as ubiquitous as electricity, we will see the vast majority of industries behave like the computer and software industries do: getting better each year, while deflating in price.

As Sam Altman, the head of YCombinator puts it: (more…)

It’s Harder & More Expensive to Start a Startup & Break Through

Most people say entrepreneurship and startups are the best way for people to be useful in the age of AI and automation. If we have more entrepreneurs, they say, we can innovate our way out of our jobs crisis. Entrepreneurship is definitely the way forward for some people. But not most.

Conventional wisdom is that it’s never been easier, cheaper and faster to start a startup and break through. With advances in computing power, open source software, Amazon hosting, development frameworks and online communities, the thinking goes, it’s much cheaper, faster and easier to start a startup and break through.

I’m pretty convinced conventional wisdom is wrong. (more…)