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Greatest Hits Episode: Matías Rivera from Fanatiz, Building Businesses and Replanting Patagonian Trees, Ep 149

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Outline of this episode:

  • 2:10 – Nathan introduces Matias
  • 3:24 – Why Fanatiz?
  • 4:58 – Did you always know you would be an entrepreneur?
  • 6:45 – Trying to get students into entrepreneurship in 2008
  • 8:35 – Getting involved at Start-Up Chile
  • 11:02 – The early days of SUP Chile
  • 13:12 – For-profit conservation with Patagonia Sur
  • 15:07 – Highlights of projects with Patagonia Sur
  • 20:21 – Philanthropy in Latin America
  • 22:44 – What role do tax incentives play in philanthropy?
  • 25:05 – Angel investment as philanthropy
  • 25:40 – The Stanford MBA
  • 27:13 – Takeaways from time at Stanford
  • 28:22 – How to watch soccer abroad without Fanatiz
  • 30:12 – Matias’ marketing tips for entrepreneurs
  • 34:18 – What’s next for Fanatiz?
  • 35:53 – What’s next for the Latin American ecosystem?
  • 38:14 – Advice for US investors looking at LatAm
  • 39:04 – Advice for LatAm founders looking to raise
  • 42:05 – Matias’ advice to his younger self

Show notes on Latamlist.com.

Advice from 11 Magma Entrepreneurs from 7 countries, Ep 99

At Magma Partners, we work with people who share our values, whether they’re the founders we invest in or the mentors and investors we bring on to our team. We hope to create lifelong relationships with the people we support. 

For this episode, we’re featuring eleven Magma entrepreneurs –some are members of our portfolio, and others are from our team– who have appeared on previous episodes of the Crossing Borders podcast to share their advice to founders from Latin America on how to get started. 


Matias Rivera, Fanatiz: Building Businesses and Replanting Patagonian Trees, Ep 73

What do Start-Up Chile, the Copa Libertadores, and Latin America’s largest crowdfunding campaign have in common? The answer is that Chilean entrepreneur and philanthropist, Matias Rivera, had some hand in their development. Matias loves to solve problems he sees at home or abroad. Once he sees a need, he tries to create a simple and effective solution. With that methodology, Matias has founded five ventures, including his most recent startup, Fanatiz, which received investment from investors including Magma Partners. Now based in Miami, Matias has specialized in creating clever solutions in his native Chile and quickly bringing them to a global audience.

I sat down with Matias on this episode of Crossing Borders to talk about his decision to get an MBA at Stanford, his work at Start-Up Chile and in Patagonian conservation, and his advice for startup founders looking for funding from Latin America. We also discuss his views on the Latin American ecosystem, how it’s developed in the past ten years, and how to grow a business from Latin America. Check out the rest of this episode to hear Matias’ story from Chile to Boston, to San Francisco and Miami, and the many startups, NGOs and initiatives he founded in between.