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Ep 33 Advice for Foreign Entrepreneurs Doing Business In Latin America

When I first got to Chile in 2010, it took me five years to understand all the nuances of how business was conducted. There are several important cultural differences between LatAm and the US that foreign entrepreneurs should pay attention to if they want to be successful. There are also very important differences across Latin American countries that should also be accounted for. Here is a distilled list of what I’ve learned about doing business across borders. This podcast is based on a talk I gave to Start-Up Chile and the subsequent blog post that I wrote called Advice to Foreigners Running Startups in Latin America.


Doing Business and Raising Money in Latin America: My SUP Academy Talk

Last week I gave a talk at Startup Chile’s SUP Academy about doing business and raising money in Latin America. It was fun share what I’ve learned over the past five years in Chile with the next classes of startup chile entrepreneurs.

The audio quality is pretty bad, sorry about that. Hopefully it’s still listenable!

Here’s the show notes: