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Cristina Randall, Somos: Empowering Mexicans to take back control of their health, Ep 200

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Outline of this episode:

  • [01:26] – About Somos
  • [02:03] – Healthcare in Mexico
  • [05:25] – From engineering to building a fintech company
  • [08:31] – Funding a fintech company in Mexico
  • [09:14] – Biggest lessons learned building Conekta
  • [11:42] – Cristina’s jump into healthtech
  • [14:50] – Somos: A tool to understand your body
  • [18:07] – What’s next for Somos?
  • [21:44] – Advice to Cristina’s younger self
  • [24:32] – Cristina’s books and podcasts recommendations

Shownotes on Latamlist.com

How IoT is Solving Everyday Challenges in Latin America

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword that many people throw around but not everyone understands. While it sounds obscure, the concept is simple; IoT is communication between physical objects that connect via the Internet.  

These products are implanted using sensors, monitors, and other devices that allow them to communicate with other connected devices. For example, if a machine in a factory could automatically send an alert to the supervisor’s smartphone when a gear is starting to wear down, that communication would happen through IoT.

It’s easy to imagine hundreds of applications of IoT technology that could simplify or solve everyday challenges. In Latin America, where millions of people still struggle with safety (especially in big cities), access to clean water, or adequate healthcare, the Internet of Things has the potential to provide innovative solutions to these problems.

The field is still in its infancy in Latin America. Since IoT has applications across almost every industry, efforts to join forces or create collaborative solutions have been few and far between. However, the newness of this industry, as well as the rapidly-increasing connectedness of the Latin American population, opens many opportunities for IoT solutions to take hold in the region over the next decade.