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Case Study: Ecommerce Opportunities in Chile and Latin America

Una versión de este post fue traducido a español por @Joseia (muchas gracias!) y apareció en Pousta con el nombre Conversamos sobre cómo montar tienda online con alguien que aprendió DEMASIADO al respecto.

In late 2012, I met up with two ex startup chile friends over beers. Like most beery conversations between entrepreneurs, the conversation devolved into new business ideas. All three of us had seen ecommerce’s steady growth in Chile and were certain that it would continue to grow toward levels seen in other developed markets. After a few more beers, one of us said, “why don’t we just start a small ecommerce business, it’s the best way to learn about the market and see where the real opportunities are.” (more…)

Three News Articles

I was featured in three different news articles this week for three different ideas and I thought I’d share.

Dealing with digital Afterlife – Financial Times

Emma Thomas interviewed me for an article about people with interesting jobs, focusing on the digital death space. My favorite part where I talk about the impact that working with digital death had on my outlook on working and living. It makes no sense to me to be working on things that don’t really matter, like an iphone app for fart noises or other fairly useless ideas. If you have the ability and drive to do a startup, do something that matters.

The Most Interesting Entrepreneurs in Chile

An article talking about different people in the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem. There are clearly better homegrown Chilean entrepreneurs than me, but it’s fun to be on the list.

La Condonería: Condones y educación sexual a un click de distancia

This article in PulsoSocial (spanish) talks about one of my new projects, an ecommerce site that allows people to buy condoms online in Chile. I’m really enjoying this project mostly because of the blog and chat we have. Most people didn’t have a well developed sex education course in high school or college, so we answer basic questions that we get via our chat in blog post form. It’s been one of our biggest successes so far and makes selling a product much more interesting and rewarding.