How To Work In Tech in Latin America

I wrote a guest post on VentureBeat called How to find a job in a Latin American Tech Hub aimed at highlighting the growing trend of US and European tech workers coming to Latin America to both start companies, but also to work for high potential startups like GroupRaise, PropertySimple, The Intern Group and more. I covered four main paths to working for tech companies in Latin America:

  1. Working remotely from a coworking space
  2. Working for an established Latin American company
  3. Working with a Latin American startup targeting Latin America
  4. Working with a Latin American startup targeting the US market

Each of these have their pros and cons, but all are great ways to get involved in the local tech scenes, travel the world and experience a new culture.

From the article:

I’ve lived in Santiago, Chile for six years, and in just this short time I’ve witnessed Latin America’s tech ecosystem grow by leaps and bounds. Programs like Start-Up Chile, 500 Startups: Latam, and NXTP Labs are seeding Latin America’s tech ecosystem and providing incredible resources for local entrepreneurs. Thanks to these programs, and many others, I’ve seen a surge in not only Latin American companies launching for local markets but also in US startups opening offices here, along with local entrepreneurs attacking the US market. This growth has generated a new wave of highly-skilled, international tech companies operating in Latin America.

As someone who has operated a tech company in Latin America and worked with countless startups with a Latin American presence, I receive numerous emails from US-based tech workers who are curious to know what the current tech job market looks like and how they can get involved.

The short answer is, the most in-demand professionals are Ruby on Rails developers, UI/UX designers, and online marketers. But there is also a significant demand for native English speakers to fill sales and customer service roles. As the Latin American startup ecosystem gains traction and more and more tech companies around the world are granting their tech workers the flexibility and/or option to work remotely, the number of emails asking me for advice on how to land a tech job in Latin America has picked up.

You can read the rest of the original article on VentureBeat and if you have any questions about finding a job, feel free to reach out, or check out AwesomeJobs, a company from the Magma portfolio that connects high quality tech companies with top quality tech workers.