Laura Martínez, Magma Partners: How an investment analyst evaluates Latin American startups, Ep 184

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Outline of this episode:

  • [01:30] – Laura’s background
  • [02:56] – Making the jump from corporate to the startup world
  • [04:02] – Why she decided to work in the startup ecosystem
  • [05:35] – Steps Magma takes towards an investment
  • [07:20] – Advice for filling out Magma’s Memo
  • [09:45] – What a first call with Magma Analysts looks like
  • [11:37] – Founder market fit
  • [14:30] – The decision to make an investment
  • [15:20] – Processes after investing in a startup
  • [18:34] – What does an Investment Analyst do day to day
  • [22:22] – Advice to herself when starting her journey at Magma
  • [23:24] – Laura’s favorite things about working at Magma
  • [24:53] – Book and podcast recommendations

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