Start-Up Chile 101 and Chile The Expat’s Guide 2nd Editions

In 2012, after living 2+ years in Chile, I wrote Start-Up Chile 101, the book I’d wished I’d had before joining the Start-Up Chile program. A year later, I wrote Chile: The Expat’s Guide for all of the foreigners who were thinking about moving to Chile.

Since then, these books have been bought by thousands of people thinking about living, working and doing business in Chile. Over the past four years, while working as Magma Partners’ managing partner, I learned even more about Chile and the rest of Latin America and decided to update both of these books.

The new books are reworked to include:

  • New economic developments
  • More information on digital business opportunities in Latin America
  • Updated restaurant guide
  • Updated travel guides with more information
  • Chilean customer service
  • A deeper look at Chilean culture
  • Updated cost of living
  • Guides to working or starting your own business
  • Property investment guides via Andes Property
  • Apartment rental guides via Andes Property

If you’re thinking about participating in the Start-Up Chile program, or want to learn about what one of these programs is like, you should buy Start-Up Chile 101. If you’re thinking about moving to Chile to work, study abroad, invest or to start a business, Chile: The Expat’s Guide is the book for you.

You can find these books on Kindle and in print on Amazon, or you can download the PDF versions directly from my site.

Start-Up Chile 101Kindle, Print


Chile: The Expat’s GuideKindle, Print



  • Nathan,

    It seems the link to the Expat’s PDF also goes to the Start-Up guide.
    Might want to look into that.


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